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Washing Instructions

How to take care of your cotton T-Shirt


Here are the 10 rules. Are you ready?

1.   Wash less

2.   Wash with similar colors

3.   Wash cold

4.   Do not wash on hand.

5.   Wash (and dry) inside out

6.   Use the right (amount of) detergents

7.   Do not tumble dry

8.   Iron on reverse

9.   Store your T-Shirt correctly

10. Treat stains immediately!


      1. Wash Less

Less is more. This is the best advice for your 100% cotton T-Shirt mainly for the Luxury Collection where the accessories are all handmade and sew on one by one. 

Every wash causes stress to its natural fibers and ultimately leads to faster ageing and fading of your T-Shirt. 


       2. Wash with similar colors

White with white! Black with dark colors! When you wash the similar colors together, you reduce the risk of a white T-Shirt for example become grey or even getting colored (think purple) by another garment.

Usually dark colors can go into the machine together, especially when they have been prewashed.


      3. Wash cold

A 100% cotton T-Shirt does not like heat and can even shrink if it’s washed too hot.

Washing your T-Shirt in cold - warm cycle ensures a longer lasting crisp looking and reduces the risk of any unwanted colorization.


     4. Do not wash on hand

When you wash your T-Shirt on hand you will destroy all the fibers and the T-Shirt will look aged. Instead, just wash in delicate cycle in your machine and if possible inside of a laundry bag.


     5. Wash (and dry) inside out

This tip reduces the risk of fuzziness and pilling of natural cotton, especially for the Luxury Collection. Also, dry T-Shirts inside out (delicate cycle). 


     6. Use the right (amount of) detergents

Use Clear detergent. This will help don’t damage your T-Shirts and don’t stain it.


     7. Do not tumble dry

The risk of shrinkage can be reduced by avoiding a tumble drier and air-dying instead. If you decide to use Dry machine don’t forget to use delicate cycle, but a T-Shirt is definitely best dried when hung.


    8. Iron on reverse

Take extra care around neckline and shoulders. If your washing machine has a special setting that allows to “reduce creases” (or if not the delicate cycle) you can use to prevent wrinkles. 

When Iron on your T-Shirt do not use high temperature, and iron on reverse using the steam function.

We highly recommend a steamer instead of a conventional iron.


    9. Store your T-Shirt correctly

Your T-Shirt should be stored folded and lying on a flat surface. 

In case you prefer to hang your T-Shirt, use wide hangers so its weight is more evenly distributed. In case of hanging your T-Shirt, make sure you insert the hanger from bottom so you’re not over-stretching the neckline. 


   10. Treat stains immediately!

In case of emergency, we recommend rinsing the stain with warm water and subsequent ad some mild detergent soap.

For persistent stains you can use a commercial stain remover but avoid stain solutions with bleach for colored cotton garments. The bleach might remove the color out of the fabric and leave a light mark.